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Google Menu Bar In GAFE - New Look

posted Apr 12, 2012, 11:23 AM by Carol LaRow
Google has a new look to the Menu Bar at the top of the window in all the Google tools. It's a different design, with a black background, and is intended to make a more consistent experience as users navigate to different services and tools. There is now a similar search box in the various tools, right under the Menu Bar. Additional links have been added to the Menu Bar, which moves some of the more popular ones from the drop-down menu.
1) In Google Apps For Education, services that have been disabled by administrators for their domains will not appear in the menu. Those services that do not have on/off settings in the dashboard will appear. Services such as Search and Images will always appear.
2) When services are turned off for a domain, other services move to the top level of the Google bar or to a higher position in the More drop-down menu.